A corgi that can feel people’s pain! How cool :-)

I was quietly reading the Daily Mail one day and saw this article which just needed to be read all about Animal Assisted Therapy.

Cora the Corgi

Cora the Corgi 1

Quite often during my search around the internet I will find little gems like these that just reiterate my resolve to get more involved with Animal Assisted Therapy. It’s so cool and it works!

The corgi’s name is Cora and unfortunately her early life was marred by mistreatment although now she is in a loving home with Madison. During her early life Cora was used as a breeding machine and after 8 litters was going to be discarded until Madison came to the rescue. Madison believes that Cora has a sixth sense on who to help out.

According to Madison Cora was able to sniff out a complete stranger at an airport and went and comforted him not knowing that the night before he had lost his own pet dog. She went over to the gentleman and asked if Cora was bothering him and he replied that no in fact she was very comforting as he had just lost his own beloved pet the night before.

Cora the Corgi 2

Cora the Corgi 2

I just love real life stories like that where animals have been able to help out people in distress.  Animals are so cool in many many different ways. Do you have any great stories like this one? Get in touch by using the comments section below if you do. I would love to hear about it.

Photos: Madison Palm Facebook

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