Depression and Concentration or lack of it!

I truly believe that my severe lack of concentration is caused by my depression.

I suffer from high functioning chronic depression.

I have had a lot of trouble for many years being able to read a whole chapter in a book, I only watch television sporadically and study fleetingly.

What can be the of help? How can I help myself do the things I love again?

We are about to investigate…..

Firstly here are a few tips to help overcome lapses of concentration.

  • Move conversations to a quiet area with minimal distractions. Ask colleagues to speak about work matters in a private room rather than common spaces. Find somewhere you can talk to trusted people at home or online if you find it easier to voice concerns by writing them down for someone to read.
  • Don’t answer your phone if you’re somewhere you’ll be distracted — let it go to voicemail so that you can listen to the call later and respond appropriately. Or answer your phone and tell the person ringing you will ring them back when you are in a quieter place that you can concentrate in.
  • Make a list of daily tasks you need to accomplish and cross them off as they’re completed. I can’t recommend this one enough. I’ve just started doing this myself and its a wonderful feeling being able to tick things off when they are complete. Write everything down from meetings, invitation, menstruation dates, even dates with boys, dates library books are due back write everything down.
  • Use sticky notes as reminders in places where you’re sure to see them and write important reminders down immediately when they come to mind. Yes, yes, yes I do this religiously otherwise I just forget and its so frustrating trying to remember what you meant to do or why you wanted to do something.
  • Have a set place at home and at work to store everyday items, such as car keys and your cell phone. Never lose a key again. I have a special place at home for keys and a special place in my handbag for them also.

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