High Functioning Chronic Depression

I have high functioning chronic depression. If you see me out and about in town or at work you would probably not believe that I have depression. This has in fact been said to me many times. So I don’t tell people that I have depression any more mainly because they don’t believe me and also because there is a stigma about disclosing the fact you have depression. The meaning of high functioning chronic depression is here “High functioning depression belongs to a group of disorders referred to as “depression” or “depressive disorders”. The term is used to describe people who experience consistent symptoms of depression for a long period of time (over 2 years), but continue to complete the activities necessary to lead functional lives. They work and often have thriving careers. They take care of their families, their homes and their appearance while they are struggling with feelings of negativity, sadness, and despair.” www.fisherwallace.com On the other hand if you were to see me at home when I am alone and there is no one to comment or see what how I behave you may then believe I have chronic depression. At home I sleep a lot. Not just cat naps here and there or on a Sunday afternoon but for hours and hours and hours non stop. If I sleep I don’t have to think about things for a while. And then it is peaceful in my head.

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