How to keep yourself together when you have High Functioning Chronic Depression


Tips and Tricks to help yourself when you have
High Functioning Chronic Depression

Organisation for high functioning chronic depressives.

So how do we manage to keep ourselves organised and together and even enjoying life when we have chronic high functioning depression?

Find out below several ways to help you organise yourself and make life just a little bit easier.

Get Organised

The first one is to keep a calendar. Use it everyday and record everything. High functioning depression can leave you a bit forgetful and disorganised so use that calendar everyday and record everything from events, classes, birthdays, meetings and appointments. Go do it now its a godsend as I keep my own diary and would be lost with out it.

Tidy Up Your House

So the next idea I haven’t quite gotten the hang of yet but it is a great idea. Declutter your home, room, house, flat. I am a total mess ball and need to get my life tidier. I don’t lose things but I could definitely be more organised. I need to go out and buy some containers and start putting things away nicely labelled so that I can find them again at a later date. So if you to suffer from clutter and always seem to be losing things in the mess get out and get those containers and start decluttering. Its wise advice for us all extra stuff hanging around our home just means we are less organised.

Hobbies and Getting Out Meeting People

Having any sort of depression can mean that you isolate yourself and your world from others. Motivation to go out and meet people is zero. Get out there and try to meet people and get involved in activities you enjoy. Don’t though over do it. I belong to a book club that meets once a month this is perfect not too often to make me feel over stretched in my responsibilities but just enough for me to want to get out and meet some people and discuss books we have read. So if you have something you like to do join a group and get out there and enjoy yourself and meet some new people.

Get to a book club if you enjoy reading

Keeping moving and take care of yourself

These two ideas I find the hardest to complete everyday. I am not a exercise person and will not if I can help it get out of my favourite chair when I am at home albeit its where I use the laptop and crochet my two favourite go to past-times.

So if you can get out of your favourite place and get outdoors. I try to walk everyday as far as I can before I feel the need to get back inside. Sometimes this need is overwhelming and I always sigh with relief at shutting the world out again but I did it and it feels quite good. And if you get really enthusiastic about walking get an app on your phone and start counting. I just downloaded an app onto my phone “Walking” by Red Rock Apps not that I have tried it yet but slowly slowly one step at once. It has work out plans, maps, music the works.

Finally just do your best its all you can ask of yourself.


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