Little Cat’s Affection Rating

When Little Cat decided that I was going to be her mum she gave me what I thought was a normal amount of affection.

This was great and of course helped me through a very hard time of my life.

Without her here I would definitely not be here. She saved my life.

We have been together nearly a year now and I have loved every minute.

I never realised how wonderful it was to have a pet.

Having a pet means there is constant attention being sought and given.

What I didn’t realise at the time of meeting her was that she was holding back on the affection.

Something seems to have clicked with her recently and now she is ten times more affection and cuddly that she ever was.

In the morning she will come and jump back on the bed after having her first morning snack and she will come right up to my face, something she never did before.

And she will purr purr purr and knead the blankets.

After about five ten minutes of this she will settle down right next to me.

If my arms is outstretched she will use it as a pillow.

Something which makes me burst with love.

I just love this new level of affection and in return she gets it back tenfold she is my number one my everything.

I would be lost without Little Cat and I think she might be lost without me.

We now belong together bound by love and affection 🙂

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