Naming your depression?

The depression had descended after months of unemployment no money and no friends in my new country and I couldn’t get online cause I didn’t pay the bill as I was completely broke. Couldn’t do anything except watch crap television without actually watching it and of course getting unconditional love from the Little Cat and sleeping I do a lot of sleeping when I am super depressed. Thank god Little Cat is here cause I don’t think I would be. And lucky me she likes to sleep on the bed with me. She seems to know things aren’t as they should be.

I’ve been thinking of naming my depression. Churchill names his the Black Dog. I was thinking something dark and macabre and stifling something that suited the effect it has on me. I’ll have to think about it a bit as the only half decent name that comes to mind at present is Morticia, which is actually a pretty cool name.

Well that’s super great because apparently it is an excellent idea to name your depression as it separates you from the depression. If you are separated it can no longer possess you. Lets wait and see.

The meaning of the name Morticia is probably based on the word mortician meaning “undertaker, funeral director”, which is ultimately derived from Latin mortis meaning “death”. Sounds appropriate to me so Morticia is shall be from now on. Sometimes she’ll be visiting uninvited and sometimes I’ll be free of her visits.

Little Cat coming in close and personal must be cuddle time.


The End **********************************************************************************************

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